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  • Large battery capacity
  • Communication ports RS232, RS485, CAN
  • Compatible with multiple brand inverters
  • Cycle life > 8000 times, life up to 15 years
  • The battery is simple to connect with the inverter and easy to install


LM-JHV-192V battery is a high voltage lithium battery.

Model LM-JHV-192V80Ah LM-JHV-192V100Ah
Total Energy(WH) 15360 19200
Nominal Voltage(V) 192
Depth of discharge(DOD) 100%
Cycle life 8000 cycles @100% DOD/25℃
Design life 15 years
Discharge Voltage(V) 219~150
Change Voltage(V) 219
Max. Charge current(A) 100
Max. discharge current(A) 100
Communication port 232 / RS485 / CAN
Storage Temperature(℃) 0~45
Altitude <4000M
Humidity <95%RH
Parallel connection Permissable
Protection rating IP20
Operating temperature(℃) -15~60
Weight(KG) 165
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 710*452*194(576)

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192V100Ah, 8000 cycles, stackable battery

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