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61.44 KWh High Voltage Stackable Lithium Battery


  • Friendly flexible: Various working modes can be set exibly; PV controller modular design, easy to expand
  • Safe and reliable: Built-in isolation transformer for high load adaptability; Perfect protection function for inverter and battery; Redundancy design for important functions
  • Abundant configuration: Integrated design, easy to integrate; Support simultaneous access of load,battery, power grid, diesel and PV;Built-in maintenance bypass switch,improve system availability
  • Intelligent and efficient: Support battery capacity and discharge time prediction; Smooth switching between on and off grid,uninterrupted supply of load; Operate with EMS to monitor system status in real time


Model LM-JHV-60-400 LM-JHV-90-600
Battery Type LiFePO4
Energy 61.44KWH 92.16KWH
Capacity 15OAH
Rated Voltage 409V 614V
Working Voltage Range 320~ 467V 480~ 700V
Max Charge Current 150A 20OA
Max Discharge Current 150A 200A
Standard Charge Current 75A 10OA
Standard Discharge Current 75A 100A
DOD 100%
Max Paralle Quantity 1
Designed Life-span [1] 8000 cycles
Operating Temperature [2] Charge:0~60℃


Operation Humidity 5~95%
Nominal Operation Altitude <3000m
IP Rating IP22
Installation Method Stacking
Communication RS485
Certification CE
Net Weight ≈600kg ≈900kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 77O*450*1210 mm 77O*450*1747 mm

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