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Our installation featuring 25 units of LEMAX rack mounted lithium batteries paired with 12 units of Deye inverters stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. Boasting an impressive 250kWh storage capacity. To maximize space utilization while providing a robust energy storage solution.
With LEMAX 5kWh lithium batteries and Deye inverters working in unison, enjoy optimal energy conversion and utilization. Maximize your system's efficiency, whether for residential or commercial applications, and take control of your energy consumption like never before. Save space without compromising power. The wall-mounted design of the LEMAX battery is not only functional but also adds a modern touch to your energy setup. Trust in the durability and sustainability of LEMAX. Our lithium batteries are engineered for long-lasting performance, reducing your carbon footprint while ensuring a stable power supply.
Experience the future of energy storage with our LEMAX product - 51.2V250Ah lithium battery. Unrivaled in performance and reliability, this lithium battery seamlessly integrates with the Victron inverter to deliver unparalleled power and efficiency. Say goodbye to power outages and embrace a reliable energy source. Whether you're powering your home or business, LEMAX is the trusted choice for a sustainable and robust energy solution.
Experience a new era in energy storage. LEMAX 5kWh lithium batteries are engineered for optimum performance, offering an impressive energy density and extended lifespan. Designed with advanced safety features, these batteries provide a secure and efficient solution for your energy needs.
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LEMAX is a technology-based manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and service of lithium battery products.


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