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Want To Store Electricity? Try Rack Mounted Lithium Battery


Want To Store Electricity? Try Rack Mounted Lithium Battery 1

Different types of batteries like NiMH, alkaline, and lithium-ion batteries are used to store electricity with the help of different inverters. Among various batteries, lithium-ion batteries are the most used and appreciated batteries among individuals.

People choose lithium-ion batteries as compared to other batteries because such batteries are lightweight and can store more energy than usual. However, lithium batteries are further categorized based upon the cells that are used in them.

The most popular lithium battery is a rack-mounted lithium battery. Prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells are used in this type of battery.  If you need a battery for your off-grid solar system storage, telecom, banking services, data center, 5G, UPS, then we suggest you buy a rack-mounted lithium battery.

Want To Store Electricity? Try Rack Mounted Lithium Battery 2

There are multiple perks of owning a rack-mounted lithium battery as compared to other batteries. A few pros and given below:

  1. Rack-mounted batteries can work smoothly with different types of branded inverters.
  2. The lifespan of such batteries is longer as compared to other batteries. They can charge and discharge more than 3000 times and can provide you with safe electricity for many years (if handled with care).
  3. Last but not the least, the battery capacity of such batteries can easily be increased than expected if they are connected in parallel sequence when packed into the cabinet.
  4. Rack-mounted lithium batteries are easy to connect to converters and can be installed very easily.

Best suppliers of rack-mounted lithium batteries:

You can always contact us if you are planning to purchase a high-efficiency rackmount lithium battery. We have expertise in this field and offer many types of solar energy storage systems

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