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High Quality Solar Wall Mounted Batteries


High Quality Solar Wall Mounted Batteries 1

Solar batteries are components that silently charge in sunlight. When your work area or living area is out of power for some reason, the solar battery will come into play and start supplying power in the area you designate to ensure that your work or life can function normally.

Features of Home Solar Wall Mounted Batteries

  • Compatible with various brands of inverters.
  • Wall-mounted design specially designed for home energy storage;
  • Built-in intelligent BMS to protect the battery module and keep the battery in the best condition.
  • Can be connected in parallel to increase battery capacity and power
  • The connection between the battery and the inverter is simple and easy to install
  • Cycle life>3000 times, lifespan up to 10 years
  • The maximum charge and discharge current are 200A, specially designed for solar energy.
  • Automatic release after 30 days of the mechanical shutdown to ensure safety, and physical shutdown is also possible
  • Support communication protocols RS232, RS485, CAN;
  • LEMAX battery adopts lithium iron phosphate chemistry to ensure safety performance;
  • Electricity can be stored for 6 months at 25°C

High Quality Solar Wall Mounted Batteries 2

What makes us different from other solar cell suppliers

  • Compared to the market, we wholesale our batteries at the lowest price, but we never compromise on quality.
  • Accept OEM custom design to make your marketing easier.
  • We will ship the battery you ordered within the agreed time, and choose the fastest express company to deliver the battery to you as soon as possible.
  • We also provide a warranty period for our batteries, because we have no doubts about the quality of our products and hope our customers can buy with confidence.
  • We have a wide range of product types, here you can get the best solar cells, solar inverters, lithium-ion phosphate batteries, etc. from us.

When you need solar cells, you just need to fill in your details and send us an email, we will reply to you as soon as possible. You may also choose to call us directly from the contact number on our website. Looking forward to your contact.

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