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With the development of the times, electricity has become one of the energy sources that everyone can’t do without. At work, once there is no electricity, 95% of industries cannot continue to work. In life, if you live in a big city, no electricity means your life will be very inconvenient. If you are in a remote area, the possibility of a power outage is greater. Whether it is bad weather or any other reason, it may cause power outages. The power outage not only brings inconvenience to work and life but also makes people feel very insecure. If the place where you live will be cut off at any time, then perhaps you can prepare a household solar power system.

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What is solar energy?

The sun is an undisputed renewable resource the power to fuel life on earth and provide clean, sustainable energy to all of its inhabitants. In fact, the energy of the sun to reach the earth in one hour is more than the energy consumed by the world’s population in a year.


What is a solar power system? Why do we use solar energy?

Solar power generation system is a new type of power generation system that uses the photovoltaic effect of solar cell semiconductor materials to directly convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy. The sun shines all over the world, and solar energy is everywhere. Because solar energy can be paired with batteries for storage. The solar power system can be independent of the public grid, so it is cost-effective in remote areas. Solar power generation does not produce any waste, has no pollution, noise, and other public hazards, and has no adverse effects on the environment. It is ideal clean energy;

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Shenzhen LEMAX New Energy Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of energy storage batteries dedicated to this field. It allows you to have a self-sufficient solar power system that you can easily transport to your home or where you need it. Allows you to enjoy the benefits of powering any electronic entertainment equipment in the event of a power outage. The system is easy to use and can be integrated into any environment you like.

We have many types of products. Here you can choose your favorite and suitable solar power system. We focus on ESS applications, serving solar/wind energy storage, industrial equipment, UPS, base station energy storage, household energy storage, 5G, AGV, smart home, new energy power, and other fields.

Please feel free to contact us when you need it, we are here to serve you at any time.

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