Learn More About All In One System

All In One System

What Is All-In-One Energy Storage System? All-In-One energy storage system combines the functionality of both a solar inverter and a battery inverter in one device. What makes this all-in-one system unique is its ability to store excess energy generated by solar panels during the day and use it at night or during times when solar […]

All About LiFeP04 Battery for Solar Energy Storage

Wall Mounted Battery

Solar panels produce electricity during the day when the sun shines, but solar panels can not provide electricity after the sun sets. But energy consumption in the evening increases. During the day, energy consumption is relatively low, so for evening consumption energy can be stored in the batteries. Batteries that can store solar-generated energy during […]

Your Guide To Lithium Batteries!

wall mounted lithium battery

It is crazy that every second you are consuming electricity from a lithium battery, a chemical reaction, like a baking soda volcano, is happening inside of it. It looks like a solid device without many moving parts, but it’s true! Inside a lithium battery, there is a continuously running chemical reaction; without it, the battery […]

Why Should We Use Lithium Battery For Solar Energy Storage?

As the world is progressing toward advancements, the energy consumed by solar panels is becoming more common. You might have seen small or massive solar plates on the roof of houses, and buildings in order to capture heat from the sun. The captured heat is then converted into electrical energy. Solar panels, solar inverters as […]

Produce Solar Power Via Solar Power Generation System

Wall Mounted Battery

Doubtlessly, solar power is one of the most commonly utilized energies on earth. Since it promotes the consumer through various advantages. It is more economical and is taken into consideration because it is pollution-free energy that can entertain you with complimentary electricity at all times. If you likewise wish to enjoy the pleasure of totally […]

Tired Of Electricity Load Shedding? Install Solar Power Generation System!!!

Underdeveloped and developing countries are facing this problem the most. Even in developed countries where the facility of electricity remains throughout, many people cannot pay their bills because electricity is very expensive. The ultimate solution to load shedding and getting rid of paying extra bills is installing a solar power generation system in your homes […]

High-Quality LEMAX Wall Mounted Battery With LCD Screen

51.2V 100Ah

When it comes to powering a home, bigger is always better. It’s especially true if you’re talking about the size of your battery—the bigger the capacity, the more running power you have. With that in mind, we decided to make this LEMAX wall-mounted battery. The LEMAX 51.2V100AH is a high-quality battery with a lithium-ion cell […]

LEMAX LMW-51.2V200AH 10.24KWH Wall Mounted Battery

LEMAX Wall Mounted Battery LMW series is the new-generation energy storage product with a combination of high-performance lithium batteries and intelligent battery management systems (BMS). The BMS will effectively monitor and control the performance of the battery, such as voltage, current, and temperature. Benefits: The battery offers the following unique features over others: Innovative Design: The […]