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Intelligent BMS Equipped Power Storage Wall Lifepo4 51.2V100Ah Lithium Battery For Solar Storage


  • Wall-mounted design specially for home energy storage;
  • Support communication protocol RS232, RS485,CAN;
  • Parallel allowed to increase capacity;
  • Easy installation and simply connection to inverter;
  • Built-in intelligent BMS to protect the battery module and maintain the battery always work at the best condition;
  • LEMAX battery adopts LiFePO4 chemistry to ensure safety performance;
  • OEM acceptable with your customized design to make your marketing more easier;
  • Flexible with low MOQ order;
  • Widely used for solar application, home energy storage system, micro-grid, shopping mall, hotels, etc
Battery Specification
Nominal Characteristics
Nominal Voltage A/ 51.2
Nominal Capacity /Ah (25° C , 0.2C) 100
Mechanical characteristics
Weight (approximate)ZKg 42KG(±3KG)
Dimension L*W*H /mm 532*383*216mm(±3mm)
Terminal M8
Electrical characteristics
Voltage windowA/ 44.8 to 58.4
Float charge voltageA/ 55.2
Max. continue discharge current/A 100
Max. pulse discharge current/A 200A 30Sec.
Max. continue charge current/A 50
Operating conditions
Cycle life (+25°C 0.2C 100%DOD) > 3000 Cycles
Operating temperature Discharge -10°C to 50°C Charge 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature Oto 30°C
Storage duration 6 months at 25°C
Safety standard UN38.3,IEC62619,CE
IP Degree IP20


The LMSW-51.2V100Ah rechargeable battery is optimized for low rate application which requires high energy density

Dis charge curves under different temperatures                                                                Cycle life vs DOD and temperature at 0.2C

0.2C CC-C charge characteristics                                                                                             Self-discharge characteristic

Note:The above dates are average values. (Edition 2020-05)




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