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LM-JC-25.6V200Ah 1
LM-JC-25.6V200Ah 2
LM-JC-25.6V200Ah 1
LM-JC-25.6V200Ah 2


  • Compatible with multiple brands of inverters
  • Cycle life > 8000 times, life up to 15 years
  • It can be installed in a cabinet in parallel to increase the battery capacity
  • Communication ports RS232, RS485, CAN
  • The battery is simple to connect with the inverter and easy to install


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    Rack Mounted Battery
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Capacity 200Ah
    Rated Voltage 25.6V
    Total Energy 5.12kWh
    Working Voltage Range 22~29.2V
    Max Charge Current 200A
    Max Discharge Current 200A
    Standard Charge Current 100A
    Standard Discharge Current 100A
    Max Parallel Quantity 15
    Designed Life-span 8000 cycles
    (Test conditions:100%DOD,0.2C charge&discharge at +25 ℃)
    Operating Temperature Charge:0℃~60℃
    Operation Humidity 5~95%
    Nominal Operation Altitude ≤3000m
    IP protection IP54
    Installation Method Rack-mounted installation
    Communication RS232, RS485, CAN
    Certification MSDS、UN38.3、CE
    Net Weight 44.00kg
    Gross Weight 46.00kg
    Production Dimension 483*432*178mm
    Carton Dimension 525*525*235mm


    Application Scenarios

    Application Scenarios


    Packing Information
    Carton Size 525*525*235mm
    Carton packing weight 46.00kg


    Project Cases

    Project Cases

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