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LMS-51.2V400Ah 1
LMS-51.2V400Ah 2
LMS-51.2V400Ah 3
LMS-51.2V400Ah 1
LMS-51.2V400Ah 2
LMS-51.2V400Ah 3


  • LiFeP04 battery, more stable and safe .
  • Intelligent BMS equipped inside to maintain the battery always work at best condition .
  • Max charge and discharge current as 200A which is specially designed for solar energy .
  • With 1.2A equalizer can balance each lithium cell voltage difference as small as 0.05V in a very short time.
  • Excellent standby self-consumption as low as 4mA.
  • Automatically output cut off after 30days no charge and discharge to ensure security , also can cut off output by manual operation .


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    Lead acid replacement lithium battery


    Nominal Characteristics
    Nominal Voltage N 51.2
    Nominal Capacity /Ah (25° C , 0.2C) 400
    Mechanical Characteristics
    Weight (approximate)/Kg 260
    Dimension L*W*H /mm 745*449*606
    Terminal Double M8
    Electrical Characteristics
    Voltage window/V 44.8 to 58.4
    Float charge voltage/V 55.2
    Max. continue discharge current/A 200
    Max. pulse discharge current/A 300A 1Sec.
    Max. continue charge current/A 200
    Operating Conditions
    Cycle life (+25°C 0.2C 100%DOD) > 3000 Cycles
    Operating temperature Discharge -10°C to 50°C
    Charge 0°C to 50°C
    Storage temperature 0 to 30°C
    Storage duration 6 months at 25°C
    Safety standard UN38.3,MSDS
    IP Degree IP20
    *The size and weight are for reference only, the actual size and weight are subject to the physical product.


    Application Scenarios


    LMS-51.2V400Ah 6


    Project Cases

    Project Cases

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