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Product details of the power inverter

Product Information

The materials of LEMAX power inverter meet the international quality standards. Through the use of advanced testing equipment in products, many quality problems can be found in time, thus effectively improving the quality of products. In tune with the track of market development, the product is widely accepted by customers.

Rated Power 6KVA / 6KW
System DC Voltage 48Vdc
Parallel Option Yes, up to 6 units
Monitoring Option WiFi / GPRS
Inverter Output
AC Output 220V-230V-240VAC
Surge Power 12000VA
Peak Conversion Efficiency 94%
Transfer Time 10ms (for persional computers) 20ms (for home appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Self Consumption at 0 Load <70 watt
Solar Charger
Type of PV Array Input Terminal MC4
Max.PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500Voc
Max.PV Input Current / Per String 16A
Number of PV Array Input 2 Strings
Max.PV Array Power Each String: 4000 watt; Total 8000 watt
MPPT Working Range 120-450VDC
Battery Overcharge Protection 60VDC
Max Solar Charge Current 100A
AC Charger (Grid / Generator)
Max.Grid Charge Current 80A
Max.(AC+PV) Charge Current 100A
Protection Overload, Short circuit, Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Over-Frequency, Under-Frequency, Overheat, Lighning, Surge Power
Dimension 460x395x132mm
Net Weight 13.5kg
Communication Interface CAN / RS485 / USB
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
Altitude <2000m
Operating Temperature 0°C~55°C
Storage Temperature -15°C~60°C
Noise <60db
Certificate CE, IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2



Company Advantage

• Our company has a professionally trained and experienced work team, which provides a strong guarantee for our development.
• LEMAX is able to provide professional and thoughtful services for consumers for we have various service outlets in the country.
• LEMAX is located in a place with beautiful environment and traffic convenience.
• Our products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to many developed countries and regions around.
LEMAX is dedicated to meeting your needs. Any suggestions or questions are welcome.

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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