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“LEMAX, Believe In Power”Solar Power Donation Project In Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province


Public welfare

On January 10, 2024, LEMAX successfully completed the installation and testing of a complete set of solar photovoltaic energy storage systems at Changzhai Village Elementary School, Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, bringing cleanliness to the school , renewable green energy. This initiative aims to allow children to personally experience the power of green energy technology, bring positive changes to learning and life, and at the same time help the steady development of education in Rongjiang County.

In mid-November 2023, LEMAX delegation went to Changzhai Village Elementary School, Rongjiang County for an inspection. This inspection gave LEMAX team a deep understanding of the hardships of children going to school and the current situation of the school’s environment. Determined to do its part to improve this situation, LEMAX donated a complete solar photovoltaic energy storage system to the school. After returning to the company, the team actively prepared the products needed for the project and sent this warmth to Rongjiang County at the end of December 2023. Members of the LEMAX team went to the school on January 7 to perform the installation. During the implementation of the project, the team always maintained firm determination in the face of multiple difficulties such as rain weather and winding roads. With the enthusiastic assistance of local villagers, all products were successfully delivered to the school. The team members not only experienced the difficult the process of transport, but also had a deeper understanding of how difficult it is for children to go to school.


After the product was successfully delivered to the school, LEMAX team started the installation of the system to ensure that every component was in place accurately. At the same time, other members entered the classroom, interacted cordially with the children and gave exquisite painting sets to the children, hoping that they would use the paintbrushes in their hands to paint a better tomorrow.

After two days of intensive installation, the solar photovoltaic energy storage system was successfully installed, tested and put into use at Changzhai Village Elementary School, Rongjiang County on January 10. Here, LEMAX expresses its heartfelt thanks to all relevant departments, collaborative enterprises and team members who have contributed and assisted in the project. This is the power of “goodness”, this is the blessing of “love”.


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“LEMAX, Believe in Power” theme charity activities have been ongoing. We will uphold our social responsibilities, bring green energy to more countries and regions, help the development of education and environmental protection.



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