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LEMAX LMW-51.2V200AH 10.24KWH Wall Mounted Battery


LEMAX LMW-51.2V200AH 10.24KWH Wall Mounted Battery 1

LEMAX Wall Mounted Battery LMW series is the new-generation energy storage product with a combination of high-performance lithium batteries and intelligent battery management systems (BMS). The BMS will effectively monitor and control the performance of the battery, such as voltage, current, and temperature.


The battery offers the following unique features over others:

Innovative Design:

The new wall-mounted design makes it easier to install and maintain.

LEMAX LMW-51.2V200AH 10.24KWH Wall Mounted Battery 2

Multiple Protection Functions:

The product has many built-in protection functions including short circuit protection, overcharge/discharge protection, overcurrent protection, etc.

The BMS can be connected with other energy storage devices to implement the parallel configuration. The parallel connection can be completed by simply setting up software on the DC side. This reduces the installation difficulty, improves the safety and reliability of the system, and greatly increases the expandability of the system.

High-Performance Lithium Battery Cell:

The high-performance lithium battery cell ensures you a greater lifetime compared to lead-acid batteries on the market today combined with an easy-to-install design.

Furthermore, over the last few years, Lithium battery-based energy storage systems have become a more attractive alternative to old-fashioned lead-acid batteries because they offer longer life cycles, higher efficiency, and are lighter in weight.

Why Choose Lemax?

People choose Lemax for its high quality, reliable products, and experience. Lemax has a fresh production process that ensures its quality and reliability, and Lemax offers flexible MOQ requirements. Lemax also has an experienced team of engineers that can provide customized solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

At Lemax, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products with unbeatable customer service. We will work with you to create a custom experience that exceeds your expectations!

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