Micro Cargo Van Battery


  • Safe and Stable: No fire, No explosion and the fire protection system can be configured according to the application scenario.
  • Reliable and Efficient: Built with advanced technology and high-quality materials, offering exceptional performance and reliability, even in challenging operating conditions.
  • Long Life-span: Designed to have a long service life, these battery packs are built to withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles.
  • Diversified and Flexible: Offering a range of options to suit different types and usage requirements, providing flexibility and customization.
Battery Pack Cell Nominal Voltage(V) Serial Structure(S) Dimension(mm) Specific Energy(Wh/kg) Thermal Management IP Degree
Gen 1 LF160 334.8 104 945*454*374 (Two Packs In Series) ≥140 Liquid Cooling
PTC Heating Plate
386.4 120 1074*454*374(Two Packs In Series) ≥142
Gen 2 LF150 367.08 114 1645*769*250 ≥135
396.06 123 1745*769*250
Application Scenarios

Mini Cargo Van Battery

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