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LEMAX Motive Power Battery - 1
LEMAX Motive Power Battery - 2
LEMAX Motive Power Battery - 1
LEMAX Motive Power Battery - 2

LEMAX Motive Power Battery -


Product details of the motive power battery

Product Introduction

Backed by a diligent team of professionals, LEMAX motive power battery is manufactured under the guidelines of theirs. The product is tested for many times to ensure that it is of great durability and stability. Our motive power battery is popular in many overseas markets.

Battery Pack Cell Model Nominal Voltage(V) Serial Structure(S) Dimension(mm) Specific Energy(Wh/kg) Thermal Management IP Degree
Gen 1 LF160 540.96 168 1395.5*454*374

(Two Packs In Series)

≥145 Liquid Cooling + PTC Heating Plate IP67
LF173 592.48 184 1264.3*465.5*242

(Four Packs In Series)

Natural Cooling + PTC Heating Plate
Gen 2 LF150 502.32 156 2156*769*250 ≥140 Liquid Cooling + PTC Heating Plate
540.96 168 2235*769*250
Application Scenarios
Light Truck

Company Feature

• LEMAX is committed to providing excellent services for consumers, including pre-sales inquiry, in-sales consulting and return and exchange service after sales.
• LEMAX has established sales outlets throughout the country. The products are also exported to overseas regions.
• Our company has own research team and strong technical force, which provides a solid backing for our product development and manufacturing. We also establish a production-study model with enterprises as the main body, and cooperates with many scientific research institutions in the industry to promote the industrialization of research findings.
• The place where our company is located has a good view. It also owns a convenient transportation for delivery.
The discounts vary according to jewelry's styles. Feel free to contact LEMAX for details.

Contact us
we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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