How Does Lithium Ion Battery Work?

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Lithium-ion is the most popular rechargeable battery chemistry used nowadays. Such batteries consist of single or multiple lithium-ion cells and a protective circuit board. They are referred to as batteries once the cell, or cells, are installed inside a device with a protective circuit board.

The negatively charged electrode (also known as the anode) and positively charged electrode  (also known as the cathode) is attached to the current collectors. The anode is made up of graphite, and the cathode is made up of lithium metal oxide. The electrolyte (a gel or liquid that aids in conducting electricity) in the battery is made of lithium salt.

The separators (A porous polymeric film that separates the electrodes while enabling the exchange of lithium ions from one side to the other) are made up of polyethylene or polypropylene.

During the charging of the cell, when a charger is connected between the electrodes, the lithium is present in the form of lithium metal oxide at the cathode. When current flows from the charger through the cathode, the lithium itself is released as a positive ion from lithium metal oxide, and it travels to the electrolyte to the anode.

At the anode, it combines with the carbon electrode to form lithiated carbon. The electrons flowing the opposite direction. At the cathode, the lithium metal oxide reduces to lithium-ion, metal oxide, and electrons. At the anode, carbon combines with lithium-ion to form lithiated carbon.

During discharging of the cell, a load is connected between the electrodes. The lithium ions are present at the anode in the form of lithiated carbon. The current then flows through the load from the cathode, and electrons flow in opposite directions. The lithium ions get released from the anode and travel through the electrolyte toward the cathode.

At the cathode, they again combine to form lithium metal oxide. And the process continues.

Lithium batteries are used for various purposes. Besides being used with automobiles, they are a perfect option for solar power generation systems. If you want to buy a wall-mounted lithium battery from a Chinese factory, you should contact us. At LEMAX, we design each product with care. Our wall-mounted lithium battery can entertain you with the following benefits:

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