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wall mounted lithium battery

Lithium batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that uses the reversible reduction of lithium ions in order to store energy. Compared to alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are capable of giving off a strong energy surge after a long period of low discharge.

Unlike ordinary batteries, lithium batteries do not require weekly equalization fees. They can be charged up to 100% without overheating and are considered maintenance-free. Such batteries also include a synchronization system for optimal synchronization of battery chargers.

Wall-mounted lithium batteries offer various structural benefits, including small size and easy adjustment. This results in a long life span. They are resistant to corrosion and moisture (because of the presence of lead-calcium alloy).

Furthermore, lithium batteries have a reduced memory effect, making them ideal for automotive applications. Their high energy thickness makes them suitable for higher-power applications. The battery does not need to be periodically re-energized and has an indefinite lifespan.

LEMAX Professional Supplier Of Wall Mounted Lithium Battery 2

If you have a solar power generation system, then doubtlessly, a wall-mounted lithium battery is the best option. Our company (Shenzhen LEMAX New Energy Co., Ltd) is a professional energy storage solution provider, integrating research & development (R&D), manufacturing, and sales of energy storage systems.

You can visit our official website to get a quote for a wall mounted lithium battery. The lithium battery manufactured at our factory has the following unique features:

  1. Compatible with multiple top brand inverters
  2. Wall-mounted design specially for home energy storage
  3. Parallel allowed to increase capacity
  4. Easy installation and simple connection to the inverter
  5. Built-in intelligent BMS to protect the module of the battery and maintain the battery. This helps in the efficient working of the battery.
  6. LEMAX adopts LiFePo4 chemistry to ensure safe performance

Besides being used in solar power generation systems, you can also utilize wall-mounted lithium batteries in microgrids, shopping malls, home energy storage systems, etc.

When you use a wall-mounted lithium battery for any purpose, you must take extra care to ensure its safety is not compromised. These batteries can be hazardous (if not handled with care), can overheat, or can even catch  fire. There are many guidelines for safe handling, including avoiding metal objects that can short the battery terminals. Moreover, you should make sure the charging area is fireproof. For high safety, place the battery charger on a non-flammable surface.

The bottom line:

Wall-mounted lithium batteries are one of the best rechargeable power sources. Their initial cost is comparatively less compared to other batteries.

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