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100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 1
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 2
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 3
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 4
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 1
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 2
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 3
100kWh  LM-ES100KWH 4

100kWh LM-ES100KWH

● Pre-installed system from factory

● PCS, BMS, and EMS fully integrated

● Built-in climate control & fire suppression

● Real-time system monitoring

● Designed to be easily scalable

● Common applications: Small businesses & factories, farms, shopping and distribution centers, office buildings, schools and libraries, island communities, EV stations

● Providing grid support services, such as peak shaving, load balancing, and frequency regulation


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     Product parameters 

    Item Value
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Model LM-ES100KWH
    Rated Output Power 30KW
    Communication Port RS485 / CAN 2.0 / Ethernet / Dry contact
    Max.PV input voltage 1000V
    Max.PV power 36/72kW
    MPPT voltage range 250V-850V
    Protection Class IP55
    Grid connection Off grid, On grid
    Rated current 43A
    Transformer ratio 100/400
    Rated voltage 400V
    Rated frequency 50/60Hz
    Relative humidity 0 ~95% non-condensing
    AC connection 3W+N+PE
    Operating altitude 5,000m (>3,000 Derating)
    THDi <3% (rated power)
    THDU ≤1% linear; or≤5% nonlinear
    Rated battery capacity 100.35kwh
    Battery Cell capacity 280Ah
    Rated system voltage 358.4V
    Series of battery 1P*112S
    Communication RS485、TCP/IP、CAN、
    Dimension (L*W*H) 1600*1200*2200mm
    Weight 1800kg
    OEM/ODM Support Customize

    Application scenarios

    BESS neutral


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