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“LEMAX, Believe in Power” Solar Power Charity Donation Project in Lebanon



After two months of preparation and construction, the complete solar rooftop photovoltaic power station system donated by LEMAX to the in Lebanon has been installed and tested completed well. Allowing children to personally experience the changes that green energy technology brings to their learning and life. After the system is put into use, it will not only bring stable energy supply to the school, but also light up the path of children’s learning. They will no longer be troubled by the learning environment caused by energy instability, and can learn and grow in classrooms full of light.


This event is one of the projects of the “LEMAX, Believe in Power” solar energy charity donation project. In late September, under the guidance of our local distributor Mr. Bassem Kazbour, our sales director Cindy conducted a thorough inspection of the Young Muslim Association School. During this visit, she had a meeting with the president of the school Ms. Souha Kabbara had in-depth and cordial exchanges. She learned that teachers and students in the school have difficulty using electricity, and their teaching work is often interrupted by power interruptions, which makes them miserable. Following the assessment, LEMAX was decided to donate a complete solar photovoltaic system. And our distributor Secure Vision was entrusted with the responsibility of the project. Here, we once again express our most sincere gratitude to the local distributor Secure Vision for its full assistance in the installation, testing and subsequent maintenance of this complete solar rooftop photovoltaic power station system!

According to the founder, he comes from a mountainous area and is well aware of the importance of education. He also deeply remembers an article in a primary school article about “Electricity is so convenient.” He was deeply impressed by it. The founder said: “With China’s take-off, Chinese rural areas have undergone tremendous changes and I have also followed the trend of the times to develop and advance. With the trust and support of global customers, LEMAX is gradually growing. But we do not forget our original aspirations. We will continue to bring green energy experiences to schools around the world”!

President Ms. Souha Kabbara expressed her gratitude to LEMAX for its donation. She was very grateful that the LEMAX solar photovoltaic power generation system can serve the teachers and students of the Young Muslim Accommodation School. This is a huge blessing to the teachers and students of the school. The stability of energy not only improves the learning environment, but also opens up a brighter learning path for children.

“LEMAX, Believe in Power” will continue to illuminate the lives of those in need. Together, let us move forward with a shared vision of a brighter and more sustainable future.

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