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Unlocking the Power of LEMAX Lithium Batteries


15kWh Batteries with Deye Inverters

With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, LEMAX provides a range of lithium batteries tailored to meet diverse energy needs. Let’s delve into the installation cases that showcase the versatility and reliability of LEMAX lithium batteries.

The Power of Choice: LEMAX Lithium Battery Capacities
  1. 5kWh Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

The compact and efficient design of LEMAX’s 5kWh wall-mounted lithium batteries makes them ideal for residential and small commercial applications. One key advantage of the wall-mounted series is their space-saving design, allowing for easy installation in areas with limited square footage.

  • 10kWh Wall Mounted Lithium Battery


For those seeking a higher capacity, the 10kWh wall-mounted lithium battery is an ideal choice. Its enhanced storage capacity ensures a more sustained power supply, making it suitable for larger households or those with higher energy consumption.

  • Floor Standing Lithium Battery


LEMAX also offers floor-standing lithium batteries, providing flexibility in installation. Available in both 10kWh and 15kWh capacities, these batteries can be strategically placed to optimize space utilization while delivering reliable energy storage.

  • Mobility with Wheels


For customers who value mobility and adaptability, LEMAX offers 15kWh lithium batteries with wheels. Users can easily move these units to different locations, making them an excellent choice for events, temporary setups, or situations where mobility is key.

Seamless Integration with popular Inverters

LEMAX lithium batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with popular inverters in the market, enhancing their compatibility and functionality. Here are some notable inverter brands that work seamlessly with LEMAX lithium batteries:

  1. Deye Inverters

LEMAX lithium batteries effortlessly connect with Deye inverters, creating a powerful synergy in energy storage solutions. The compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient energy flow, meeting the needs of homeowners looking for a reliable and integrated system.

  • Growatt Inverters


Growatt inverters, known for their reliability and performance, complement LEMAX lithium batteries seamlessly. This integration allows users to harness the combined capabilities of two trusted brands, maximizing the efficiency of their home energy storage system.

  • Victron Inverters


LEMAX lithium batteries are also designed to work seamlessly with Victron inverters, renowned for their advanced technology and durability. This integration provides users with a robust and dependable energy storage solution for their homes.


In conclusion, LEMAX lithium batteries offer a comprehensive solution for energy storage, catering to a diverse range of needs. From compact wall-mounted units to robust floor-standing options, LEMAX provides flexibility without compromising on performance. The seamless integration with popular inverters further enhances the user experience, making LEMAX a trusted choice for those seeking reliable and efficient energy storage solutions. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have embraced the power of LEMAX lithium batteries.

5kWh connect with Growatt


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