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Residential Wall-Standing Lithium-ion Battery


Residential Wall-Standing Lithium-ion Battery 1

The wall-standing lithium-ion battery is a new type of energy storage power generation system, which integrates energy storage power generation, photovoltaic grid-connected, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

It is applied in the fields of home, business, commercial, and communication. The battery pack is an integrated lithium battery module composed of high safety lithium iron phosphate and ternary polymer batteries.

The system can be used as a backup power supply for lighting and electrical appliances, and can also be used to store electricity generated by photovoltaic modules during the day.

Residential Wall-Standing Lithium-ion Battery 2

In addition, it can also provide user-defined charging and discharging modes to meet different customer needs. It has the advantages of safe use, long service life, long cycle life, strong charge, discharge performance, etc., which greatly improves the utilization rate of the self-generation capacity of a household photovoltaic system.

The lithium battery packs are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and microgrids. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have superior safety performance in high-temperature conditions. Compared with other types of batteries, it has longer service life and higher safety reliability.

The lithium iron phosphate battery has excellent rate characteristics, so the discharge power is large, and the charging efficiency can reach more than 90%. The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is generally between 3000~6000 cycles, which is 5 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Under the same conditions, the weight of the lithium iron phosphate battery is 40% lighter than that of the lead-acid battery.

One of our company’s outstanding R&D teams successfully developed the leading domestic solar energy storage battery, home energy storage battery, and electric vehicle battery.

Our company has a strong technical force and can design and manufacture lithium battery packs according to customers’ requirements. All kinds of lithium batteries have the features of high capacity, high energy density, lightweight, long cycle life, and no memory effect.

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