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Merry Christmas —— Lemax New Energy


Merry Christmas

Dear valued customers, partners, family and friends,

As the year of 2021 is going to end and 2022 is approaching, We would like to take this opportunity to express our best wishes.

This year has been tough again, was full of unforeseen changes in home as well as work life, not to mention, we can’t travel and can’t go aboard to visit and even for fairs.Also, some of cities were under lockdown due to the Covid pandemic.

Despite this, there have been some great highlights for Lemax and the team. We have released some new products even in this tough year. Our Wall Mounted Battery, Environment-Friendly, Deep Cycle Battery & Lithium Battery , Solar inverters were obtained good reputation from South Africa, United Stated, Europe and etc.

Merry Christmas —— Lemax New Energy 2

We are deeply proud about everything our team have accomplished, as well as all the improvements that we have put in place. Our team becoming more and more professional.

Finally,Lemax would like to express a big thank you to all our valued customers and partners, to all our hardworking employees.

We wish you and your family safe and healthy.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Shenzhen Lemax New Energy Co., Ltd

December, 2021


The Winter Solstice Festival is coming. Have you eaten dumplings?
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