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LEMAX 5.5KWh Off Grid Solar Power System

LEMAX 3.5KW.5.5KW Lithium Battery Storage Solar System
● Built inside with Inverter/100A MPPT/Lithium battery/AC charger, 4 function in to one
● Built in intelligent BMS management system
● With maximum 5A lithium cell equalizer
● Up to 2000 times charge/discharge cycles life
● With 100A MPPT Solar charging and AC Charger inside
● With all around protection functions :overcharge/overdischarge/overcurrent /shortcircuit/ overtemperature
● Application for off-grid solar power system

MODELLM-Li-S 3.5KW/5.12KWh Storage Solar SystemLM-Li-S 5.5KW/10.24KWH Storage Solar System
Inverter / Charger
Inverter TypeLM-PRO 3.5KW/24VLM-PRO 5.5KW/48V
Rated Output Power3.5KW5.5KW
Output Voltage WaveformPure Sine WavePure Sine Wave
Output Voltage230VAC 50HZ230VAC 50HZ
Low DC Warning Voltage23.4Vdc45.8Vdc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage22.4Vdc44.8Vdc
Low DC Warning Return Voltage24.4Vdc46.8Vdc
Charging Current(Utility and solar together)100A Max.100A Max.
Bulk Charging Voltage28.8Vdc57.6Vdc
Float Charging Voltage28.0Vdc56.0Vdc
AC Input
Nominal Input Voltage230Vac230Vac
Low Loss Voltage
170Vac ± 7(UPS),90Vac ± 7(Appliances)170Vac ± 7(UPS),90Vac ± 7(Appliances)170Vac ± 7(UPS),90Vac ± 7(Appliances)
Low Loss Returm Voltage180Vac ± 7(UPS),100Vac ± 7(Appliances)180Vac ± 7(UPS),100Vac ± 7(Appliances)
High Loss Voltage280Vac ± 7280Vac ± 7
High Loss Returm Voltage270Vac ± 7270Vac ± 7
Max. AC Input Voltage300Vac300Vac
Nominal Input Frequency50HZ / 60HZ(Auto detection)50HZ / 60HZ(Auto detection)
AC Charging Current80A Max.80A Max.
Solar Input
Nominal PV Voltage360Vdc360Vdc
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range120Vdc~450Vdc120Vdc~450Vdc
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage500Vdc500Vdc
Solar Charging Current100A Max.100A Max.
Lithium Iron Battery
Nominal Battery Voltage25.6Vdc51.2Vdc
Nominal Capacity200Ah200Ah
Max.Charge Current100A100A
Max.Discharge Current150A150A
Operation Voltage Range22.4Vdc~29.2Vdc44.8Vdc~58.4Vdc
Operation Temperature-10℃~+50℃-10℃~+50℃
Cell Equalizer Current(A)1~5A Max.1~5A Max.
ProtectionOvercharge protection、Overdischarge protection、Overcurrent protection、Shortcircuit protection、Overtemperature protection
Noise(dB)< 40dB (1 meter)
working Temperature-10℃~+50℃
Humidity0~95% ( no condensation)
Sea Level(m)≤1500
L×W×H (products size)L739*W223*H787mmL739*W223*H787mm
L×W×H (package size)L789*W273*H837mmL789*W273*H837mm
Weight(NW Kg)68.0Kg95.5Kg
Weight(GW Kg)70.0Kg97.5Kg

Note:The above dates are average values. (Edition 2020-05)

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