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51.2V100AH Black and White Color Wall Mounted Battery With LCD Screen


  • Compatible with Multiple Top Brand Inverters
  • Cycle life > 6000 times, life up to 10 years
  • Expandable battery design, stacked in parallel to increase battery capacity
  • Communication ports 232, RS485, CAN
  • The battery is simple to connect with the inverter and easy to install

1.Product parameters 

NO Projects Specification Remark
Cell unit parameter
1 Battery types and materials LiFePO4 /
2 Rated voltage/capacity 3.2V/100Ah /
3 Single battery voltage range 2.5V~3.65V /
4 Single battery weight 2.1Kg /
5 The battery internal resistance ≤ 3mΩ /
6 Battery size 50*160*120mm /
Battery parameter
1 Rated voltage 51.2V /
2 Rated capacity 100Ah /
3 Battery pack voltage range 58.4~40V /
4 Total Power 5120Wh /
5 Combination 1P16S /
6 Insulation resistance test value ≤30mΩ /
7 Operating temperature Charging 0 ~ 45℃;
Discharging -10 ~ 50℃
8 Standard charging current 0.5C /
9 Quick charging current 1.0C /
10 Standard discharge current 1.0C /
11 Maximum continuous discharge current 2.0C 10S
12 Gross weight About≈50KG /
13 Ambient relative humidity 25-85%RH /
14 Battery size 635*400*192mm(±2mm) /
15 Open circuit voltage Open circuit voltage measured within 24 hours after standard charge ≥51V


2. System schematic diagram 

Stackable System schematic diagram


3.AC Coupled Solar System


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