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25.6V200AH 4U LFP Battery For Off-grid Energy Storage System Solar Battery Storage Manufacturer


  • The cell belongs to lithium iron phosphate power cell which Can be recycled more than 3600 times
  • The quality of industrial design is more reliable and more standardized , and it’s Suitable for industrial and civil use
  • Intelligent Battery protectbn system make the battery more stable and safer
  • It is better suited for off-grid inverters and on / off hybrid inverters
Battery Specification
Model LMB-24200
Capacity 5KWH
Voltage 24V
Normal voltage 25.6V
Normal voltage range 22.4-28.8V
Charge cut-off voltage 28.8V
Discharge cut-off voltage 22.4V (Recommend 23V)
Max. Charge & discharge current 100A
Recommend Charge & discharge current 60A
Normal output power 3100W
Max. Output power 5200W
Discharge DOD >98%
Communication Port /
Parallel connectbn amount 1
Ingress protection IP21
Cycle times >3200 @25°C
Working temperature Discharge:・20~65°C Charge: 0~55°C
Net weight 44.5kg
Gross weight 46 kg
Product dimension 455*435*178mm
Package dimension 495*460*195 mm


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